RPM Telco Can Do More Than Calculate Your Commissions: It Can Run Your Whole Business

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A complete software solution designed specifically for telecom channel businesses

Simplify your business, run your entire back office and automate commissions calculations with our telecom-specific management software. You’ll save time, money and man-hours, while improving your overall efficiency and your bottom line.

"We saw a great deal of promise in RPM being developed to manage all aspects of our operation…RPM provides a flexible and dynamic platform that allows our staff to be on top of the Customer Experience which is paramount to our success."

Ben Humphreys, President & CEO
Comtel Communications

Run your business better

RPM Telco helps you integrate and manage all key elements of your business:


Focus on and grow your #1 asset – customer relationships


Track all of the deals that your team is actively working on


Manage all of your orders, from submission to commissioning


Quick and automated commissions calculations ensure speed & accuracy


Seamlessly import commission data into your accounting system

After Sale Service

Handle customer support issues and troubleshooting tickets

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Manage your entire back office

RPM offers the only telecom-specific CRM and automated commissions processor on the market. Use one single company-wide system to manage your entire back office, simplifying operations and increasing efficiency.

  • Identify prospects
  • Generate quotes
  • Submit orders
  • Track contacts, accounts & leads
  • Manage after sales service
  • Create sales forecasts
Attract and close more enterprise level relationships
Consolidate your processes into one cohesive system
Collaborate between departments without ever sending a single email
Our CRM gives your salespeople the tools they need to sell more
Track all key
customer information within a single, secure database
Enjoy the seamless flow of information throughout your company

More Cutting Edge Features

Inventory/Contract Management

Inventory/Contract Management

Access and manage your customers’ installed services in one single archive. Easy filtering keeps you up to date on services about to expire, and simple line-by-line viewing of services helps you offer enhanced support.

Custom Quote Template

Custom Quote Template

Generate quotes quickly and easily and present them to clients with the click of a button (email as a PDF, or print if needed). Use our standard quote template for the same professional appearance every time, without starting from scratch.

Full Email Integration

Full Email

RPM Telco automatically stores all email correspondences to the appropriate customer’s CRM file. These can be accessed by all team members 24/7, eliminating lost emails, or the need to share or forward.

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Automate your commissions and never look back

Say goodbye to manual commissions tracking, and hello to an automated, scalable commissions solution.

  • Effortlessly calculate complex commissions with perfect accuracy
  • Save time and man-hours
  • Protect against losses that result from human error

Exclusive Features Only From RPM Telco

Telecom Specific CRM

Why bear the cost and hassles of an outside CRM? RPM Telco offers one that’s fully integrated, designed specifically for telecom, and comes included at no extra cost.

Total Email Integration

Make broken email chains, sharing and forwarding a thing of the past. RPM Telco automatically attaches every email correspondence to the customer’s CRM file for seamless communication.

Custom Dashboards

Configure your unique dashboard with the information you need at a glance. Display key metrics like Sales Revenue, Sales Forecasting, and Pending Orders For 30/60/90 Days Ahead.

Commissions Data Transfer

Receive commissions data directly from any RPM Telco user, reducing administrative work and freeing agents up to focus on selling and closing more business.

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"If you value your time and the ability to manage the accuracy of your income, RPM is a must. I consider it the best investment made in my business to date. RPM has allowed me to focus on activities that produce revenue while providing the security of knowing sales are accurately measured and tracked.”

Mary Jo DeLise, President
ION Communications

"RPM has allowed CPI to track prospects, quotes, customers, orders, turn-ups, commissions and disputes with ease. No more searching for revenue or wondering if and when we will be paid. Our reps and partners have visibility to all information regarding their customers and orders (private from other reps and partners)."

Ronda Perry, Commissions Manager
CPI Communications

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