RPM Telco Makes Your Business Easier And More Profitable

RPM Telco gives you all the technology support you need to expand and streamline your operations – seamlessly and affordably.

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"We saw a great deal of promise in RPM being developed to manage all aspects of our operation. Our firm operates as a 24 hour a day resource for our customers; it is imperative to have a robust web based platform to handle our customer facing operations. Over time, we have constructed RPM processes that manage provisioning, MACD’s, billing tickets and customer inventory."

Ben Humphreys, President & CEO
Comtel Communications

Get up and running quickly and easily

RPM Telco software is ready to deploy throughout your company without any technical knowledge or expertise required. And it’s fully cloud-based, so there’s never anything for you to install or maintain.

Fully configurable

Configuring RPM Telco to meet your company’s exact needs is easy. And you can do it on an ongoing basis as those needs change – without the help of programmers or IT specialists. Employees can even customize their own individual preferences, too.

Real time business intelligence

Our fully integrated management system gives you access to powerful reporting for business-wide analysis and evaluation. Quickly generate reports that hone in on the precise information you need for maximum insight and strategic feedback.

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"RPM helped our telecommunication consulting firm leap to the next level by creating specific order flow processes that increased our sales order capabilities. RPM is a must have for any growing business."

Mark Kiliski, Co-Founder, Glacier Communications

Complete data protection & security

Consolidating all of your key business information into one single database makes for simpler and more effective safeguarding. With RPM Telco, you’ll maintain full control over whom in your organization has access to what information, at all times.

Universal accessibility

Run your business directly from our cloud based servers, with 24/7 access available to you and your designated team members. Remote or traveling employees can access files from anywhere, using laptops or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Less is more

We’ve designed RPM Telco to give you more results, with less work.

  • Less Human Error

    Commissions calculations are both critical and complex. Why not handle them with proven, cutting edge technology?

  • Fewer Manual Processes

    Save time and money while streamlining your business. Leave the old “assembly line” structure to your competitors.

  • Reduce Double Entry

    Pay out and receive exactly the amounts your business is owed on any given transaction.

  • Prevent Lost Data

    Store your key information where it belongs – on one single secure server, where you control all access.

  • Minimize Manual Record Keeping

    Devote less time to clerical work and put more time, energy and man-hours toward revenue generating activities.

  • Fewer Spreadsheets

    Growing companies need to move beyond spreadsheets, and embrace automation.

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"We reached a magic point wherein referrals from our agent partners mushroomed and our administrative needs skyrocketed. This was one of those full-circle situations. Our success was founded on being partners to those who need it, and we found ourselves in need of our own partner to help us with what was rapidly becoming an enormous administrative load. This is when we turned to RPM."

Alan Sandler, Founder, Sandler Partners