A Quicker, Easier, More Accurate Way To Calculate Commissions

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Get paid exactly what you’re owed with less work and no headaches

Tracking commissions manually isn’t a scalable process for a growing company. RPM Telco offers a simplified solution to this complicated problem, saving you time and money while making your staff more productive.

"I have had carriers try to charge P1 back on accounts that we had never been paid on. I have had carriers try to charge P1 back for more money than they paid us. Again, within literally two seconds, I pulled the history of the account and disputed their findings. We, of course, were correct and the carriers had to re-pay us because their records were incorrect."

Susan Smith, Commission Manager
PlanetOne Communications

"We were growing fast and at a point where we didn't know if we were going to be able to complete the monthly commission run before the next set of monthly reports started coming in. We needed a scalable solution that would allow us to maintain our spotless record of commissions payments to our agent partners."

Alan Sandler, Founder
Sandler Partners

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Calculate commissions with the click of a button

RPM Telco helps you accurately track commissions quickly, saving you time and freeing you up to run your business and close more sales.

  • Directly import commission reports from your suppliers
  • Reconcile payments in minutes, rather than hours (including sub-agent and referral partner reports)
  • Automatically create a detailed commission report for each sales rep or agent
  • Create reports with any level of detail needed
  • Easily import commission data into your accounting software for a streamlined payout process
  • RPM Telco manages all elements of telecom contracts and varied payment structures
Eliminate human error in calculating commissions
Get a more precise handle on what you’re owed
Scalable solution supports your company’s growth

View Commission Data By:

  • Sales Reps
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Adjustments
  • Referrals

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Run your business better

RPM Telco helps you integrate and manage all key elements of your business:

Gross Commission Report

  • Ensure you’re collecting precise commission on every single order
  • See individual discrepancies clearly at a glance
  • Easily download discrepancies into Excel to send to suppliers

Billing Variance Report

  • Pinpoint variance in dollars billed to your customers on a month to month basis
  • Identify any unexpected drop in billings and related commissions with any specific customer

Missing Account Report

  • Identify accounts that have gone missing since the last commission report
  • Uncover missing accounts and related commissions

Net Billed Report

  • Compare your net billings against your actual orders
  • Shed light on any accounts in which billings may have been missed

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Universal sharing of commission reports

With RPM Telco, you can automatically transfer reports and supporting data for unprecedented time savings, even to agents or reps who don’t have access to our system. Simply download reports to Excel format with 1 click and send via email.

  • Effortlessly calculate complex commissions with perfect accuracy
  • Save time and man-hours
  • Protect against losses that result from human error

"We have struggled for years with managing our ordering processes, our sales reps commission structures, not to mention the intense reports needed to manage collections of commissions and spiffs. Since using RPM in 2004, we have streamlined our process and recouped large amounts of owed commissions from our carriers."

SJeannie Erli, Carrier Operations Manager
Copper State Communications

"We saved at least 40 man-hours a month that used to be spent tracking commissions for agents—RPM would now handle that easily with simple reports that could be pulled online in a much better format than we were accustomed to. We began to wonder how we ever survived our first 2 years not having used RPM!"

Mark Paluso, President
Telcom National

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